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Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16

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1 Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16 on Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:47 am


Acquired last year is my '83 GTi in Mars Red. Bought new on 6th April 1983 by a Mr Armatage from Gordon Lamb VW dealer in Chesterfield. He specified a sunroof and tinted windows as options, so the total new price on the invoice was £7,579.53 with tax, delivery, plates, petrol and road tax. In March 1985 the second owner went to town on it. It was sent to GTi Engineering at Silverstone (run by Richard Lloyd RIP) for an Oettinger 2 litre 16V engine conversion. This 2000E/16 conversion was similar to the original 1600E/16 from the 16S but this time based around the original DX. It has the same watercooled manifold and 2 piece baffled sump. Bore was increased by 0.5mm to 81.5mm and stroke increased from 86.4mm to 94.5mm with a long throw crank. Power is 170bhp at 6200rpm, torque 200Nm at 5000rpm. GTi Engineering also put in a 3.42 final drive, Bilstein suspension kit, top and bottom braces, brake upgrade and VDO gauges. The total bill before discount was £5175 - a hell of a lot of money in 1985!!

The car was owned by John Jones of AudiGolfHits fame - you may remember he built the 16V turbo engine in Mark Elliot's monster that cleaned up on the 1/4 mile sprint at GTI International in the TRL days. Sadly John died of cancer around 6 years ago and the car was passed on to his son Neil from whom I bought the car. I have a lot of history with the car and am gradually putting the car back to as it was the day it left GTi Engineering.

Work so far:
- complete service with G63 plugs
- new cambelt and tensioner
- refurbish instrument cluster (working MFA, fuel consumption indicator)
- refurbish gear linkage, new rods, fit Hurst shifter with reverse lock out
- fit new aerial
- refurbish front grille
- fit new front spoiler
- remove single wiper conversion, refit original linkage with Mk2 Scirocco motor upgrade
- fit Zender Sports 7"x15"

A few pics

2 Re: Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16 on Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:54 pm


Hi Rajan

and welcome

glad to see you here

nice cars

I knew that GTI engineering were doing 2000 cc conversion

but I didnt know they were also selling oettinger heads


3 Re: Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16 on Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:11 am


Interesting story on the 2000E.

4 Re: Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:46 am


So it begins, engine out.

Probable complete engine rebuild in the making.

Snapped stud and stuck spark plug in #3 to mill out. I aready made a compression test.

First to find some parts. Intersting that I have the DX block, so I start with DX head gasket

5 Re: Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:15 am


So they fit your head on the DX block
Is the second oil drain hole blocked off to fit the head
Or is the head specially made for the DX with the two oil drain?
If you could send some pics of the top off the block and
The head to see the work done in combustion chamber and
The head block adaptation

6 Re: Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:32 am


My thoughts exactly! The DX head is quite different to that of the EG. When I take off the head, we will find out! I make sure I have all replacement parts first. I also will restore the body. To break a downpipe has caused me much work Sad

7 Re: Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:17 am


Well if you need a hand let me know
if you are not to far from London
I am happy to help

Don't you need to open it to check what is wrong with it
And what to order?

I am curious to know which crank and rods you have
Because there two type of crank
*the earlier have smaLler big end and 136mm rods
*the later one have bigger big end and 144mm rods


8 Re: Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:45 am


Thanks for the offer! I am in Luton so not too far to give a hand Very Happy

I know I have poor compression (160psi when dry) on #4 and the engine uses some oil. So in general a probable rebuild as I had to remove the engine anyway. But if I can't get hold of a head gasket for example, then I will not open the engine up!

If it was a simple standard engine then the engine would be in pieces by now as I know where to get parts.

Where can you get bearing shells and piston rings from?

9 Re: Oettinger Mk1 Golf 2000E/16 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 11:06 am


For the head gasket it s just a standard EG
With extras holes drilled in it
If your block is DX it might be a DX gasket

For the bearing it depend which crank you got
Everyting appart pistons crank head camshaft is more or less standard stuff

You gonna need to open it to see what you got tho
As I explained you there two type off crank so two types off rods bearing (standard gti but two different)

And for the piston ring you can have them made or order them to a ring specialist but same thing here
Oettinger had different bore sizes you need to open it

I am pretty busy for around 14 days but I can pop by after that I only work shift tho so might not be week end but I am definitely fine to give you a hand

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