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Oettinger Brand New cylinder head, Valve Cover and Intake Manifold for "einzeldrossel"

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Hello iam selling some stuff on german Ebay.

A brand new cylinder head What a Face

One halve polished Valve Cover Mad

And a very rare Intake Manifoldfor Weber, Kugelfischer - EInzeldrossel. Shocked

Selling it world wide, any offers are welcome.
Best Regards

2 oettinger head on Sat May 12, 2012 11:22 pm

ihsan balat

hi,I seen the head on german Ebay only thing is is this new looks like used and there is no cam shaft holders Im really interested in head intake manifold valve cover anything what you have is this for 1.6 liter engine MK1 golf thx


Sorry that stuff have sold very fast.

There is just a 2000e 16s compleat for sale right now. Very Happy

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