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My Oettinger GTI 16 soupapes

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1 My Oettinger GTI 16 soupapes on Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:11 pm


I bought my car in March 1992. It is a Golf GTI MK1 “16 soupapes” 1.6 L, as proposed by VAG France on the French market from October 1981 to mid 1983. Less than 1200 cars have been sold in France .

About mine :
As this car was quite perfect when you bought it to VAG France thus I didn’t change many things.

This car was delivered with a BBS body kit, four ATS CUP 6*14” alloy wheels, a full black front grille including a couple of Cibié spot lamps.
VAG France really wanted that the world knows that there was a special engine in this car. Thus they add "GTI 16 soupapes" badges and stickers almost everywhere :

2 stickers on the wings 2 plastic badges with white script on the grille and on the rear of the vehicle. And an alloy one on the steering wheel (silver script), just in case…

Instruments were specifics as well. You got an Oettinger cluster : 240km/h speedometer, 8000rpm rev counter, orange needles,without any redzone . 2 oettinger’s gauges in centre console. The first one for oil pressure and the second for water temperature.

My car is a March 1983 model and I've got a 3rd Oettinger gauge for the charger. I guess it was optional.

You ever noticed that my wheels are not 14". I do prefer 15". 5.5jx15 were optional in early 80's, but mine are 6x15 (I 've replaced my 7x15 ATS CUP for a weekend on the Monte Carlo Rally roads).

I've made a couple of other modifications : Front badge Oettinger instead of the French one Gti16s

And I'm found of the MOMO CORSE steering wheel.

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