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camshafts infos and timing

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1 camshafts infos and timing on Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:38 pm


a lot of time I had the question about
which camshaft are or should be fitted on their cars
and how to time them
well I will try to answer to those question as best as I can but it s a forum free speaking if anybody have more infos or better infos please drop a line it will benefit the all thread and forum

I will start with the number of camshaft made by oettinger who were on catalog
(bear in mind oettinger could have made some different cams as one off or for motorsport purpose)

*272° (will put the oe ref later)

now about the timing of the standard cams
(1600E case) or french 16S

fonctioning with no play and valve lifted 1mm

AOI 1.5° before TDC
RCI 47° after BDC
AOE 44° before BDC
RCE 2.5° after TDC

*Timing after removing the camshafts
(will edit later one stay put)

*Timing with non marked camshafts
(will edit later one stay put)

*Timing of 272° and 276° camshafts
(will edit later one stay put)

now on the question which cams are fitted on which car
it s complicated as oettinger had three different engine size
with different performance level and it is not very well documented on the oettinger engine specs
but I m sure the standard 1600E engine will be fitted with the standard cam ref(will edit later one stay put)

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