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big valves group buy for oettinger head

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1 big valves group buy for oettinger head on Fri Aug 27, 2010 5:54 pm


Hi guys

as some of you might already know
we are trying to run a group buy for bigger valves
we are in contact with Supertech through Colin(TT)

we need a minimum run of 6 kits

the inlet valves are made of stainless steel
the exhaust valves in inconel

valves head are 1mm bigger
*31mm inlet unstead of 30mm
*28mm exhaust unstead of 27mm

the stems are 5.5mm unstead of 8mm which will make them much lighter

the other strong point are the exhaust valves as the standard one are made in stainless steel and are pretty weak some of you might have already find that out
with inconel no more burnt valves

there is also an option choice regarding the spring retainers either steel or Titanium

the prices are

inlet valves 26$ each
exhaust valves 30$ each
the set of 16 specifics guides 120$

and the choice of specifics retainers
Ti 250$ the set of 16
Steel 120$ the set of 16

which give us a complete kit
*steel for 688$
*Ti for 818$

just for info a complete set of 16 valves with guides
and without retainer from oettinger
are 1360€

the standard seat are big enough to work with those valves so no need to worry about that

we are already 4 confirmed takers

Ruben and me being some of us and two other french peoples I havent asked them if they were happy to have their name listed so will post it once i know that s not a problem

any questions please feel free to drop a line either pm or on the thread

Ruben if you have further infos please had them or correct me

once i work out how to put pictures i will


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This is only going to work if Collin is on board. The correct measurements need to be taken from the head in order to get the right stem and groove lengths. We do need a minimum of 6 buyers.....hopefully once people see the advantage of modern material technology and at nearly half the price of the Oettinger valves, then we should have more participants.



Guys, they sound great....but it's quite a chunk of change for me right now...especially since I have a brand new set of 16 Oettinger valves. Maybe I can sell them on and sign up for this??



If you decide to go with Inconel valves, then wait till you have them in hand before selling the Oettinger units. Once you feel the weight difference you'll want to unload the old weak Oettinger boat anchors.


5 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:01 pm


They sound almost mandatory for a high revving Berg-Cup style engine!


That or also really good for turbo engine
Capable to withstand much higher temperature than stainless

7 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:17 pm


Yeah, no pressure from us Eric Twisted Evil


just for those who never seen the valves

I think the pics speak from themself

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I think I am up for this as will make my 2000E/16 with new valves and guides. As far as I know the 2000E/16 has the same valve sizes as the 1600E/16. Can anyone confirm?

My questions:
1. With the larger valve sizes, does the head require machining for the valve seats?
2. Are new smaller valve seals and collets included (smaller stems)?
3. How long for delivery?

10 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:45 am


Hi mate

Yes I confirme the 2000E and 1600E head are the same
The only change made on the head was the number of grooves
I don't remember which went first but you ll find either
Single grooves valves or triple grooves

The valves being only one mm bigger you can just open your standard seat I am changing mine for unleaded fuel as the standard one are for leaded fuel only

Regarding stem, seals, retainers, guides and valves keys
It will be included in the kit the seals will be easy available if spares needed as they are honda items

For the delay if I remember well its five weeks from the moment we order but we need to be 6 buyers
We are 4 confirmed buyers with you we ll be 5

11 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:37 am


Hi guys

We are now five confirmed buyers

Which mean we just need one more buyer to run the production
Please drop me a line
Be aware that it might take some time for the next bash as it works by 6 kit at a time



12 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:52 am


Hi everybody

so that is it we are now 6 confirmed takers for the valve kit

I spoke with collin @ techtonics the kit should be ready in around seven weeks

the payment would be either by credit card or paypal
and we could purchase it from their website

a down payment of half the price would be needed on order

I need to recontact him next week to confirm the prices ,to get a price quote for the P&P and to confirm the way to make the down payment to finalise the order

if you want a kit and havent made yourself known it is still time the amount of six is the minimum we can go above without problem

13 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:24 pm


Looks like it's official.....

I need to call Collin and decide if I want Titanium retainers. Thanks Romain!


14 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:22 pm


No thanks to all of you guys

It s by being in a group that we can make things move forward
And hopefully we can carry on getting some nice parts for our beloved engine

Just a small thing I have been asked by collin and techtonics
To avoid receiving phone calls about the valves kit or other related items

They would prefer to keep it the way it s been

So please guys if you have any questions ask me and I will get back to you

Thank you for understanding

15 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:42 am


Someone tell Colin I love him! I love you

16 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:49 am


great news guys cheers

the valve kit are finally here Twisted Evil
myself and techtonics thank you for your patience Embarassed

I ll get in touch with every single one of the person who already order them and were waiting.

For the one who havent ,beware you lucky thing that there is a limited amount of kits available but at majored price as the cost of inconel went up
the new price for the kit is 898$ which is still very cheap for what it is

please if interested get in touch with me and I ll transfer to techtonics
as said in the past regarding those oettinger kit techtonics would prefer to get any questions or orders passing by me I will then get you in touch with them
so far everything worked fine this way and Collin want to thank you for that to

I will edit this post with the pictures of the kit in a later time

once again thanks very much to the first batch of person who bought the kit for their long patience


17 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:49 pm


How high are you guys gonne rev your motor?

18 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:54 pm


Hi Eric
I am planning to put the soft cut on mine at 9000rpm
but I m building a 90.5 stroke not like all you
all the french guy who received the bits said those valves were incredibly lighter than the original one
thinking of getting one ?

19 Re: big valves group buy for oettinger head on Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:19 pm


Yes I am...I might want to build a high revving Berg Cup style engine

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