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2000e/16 Engine parts where can i finde some gasket?

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Hello iam new to this forum Very Happy and first post are my first question where can i find some gasket for my 2000e are there any webside ore adress with selling parts?
Best Regards


Hi Retro
and welcome which gaskets are you after?


@romaingirardlamamy a gasket for a 2.0L 16s head.
are there any chance find a oettinger original/oem one?

The gasket i need 2 is the paper gasket for the throttles adapter. What a Face


Many of the original gaskets can me re-made using generic gasket material. Much easier than trying to find an original set, which may not be in the best of condition after all these years!


Hi retro

I believe that the 2000E head gasket is still availlable from oettinger but you might pay for it stupid money
it s a goetz gasket with extra drilling threw the water way
I m looking into affordable aftermarket one
but I know a couple of german berg cup tuner who can source them

and regarding the paper gasket
I would advise you the same then flug (cheapest and easyest option. And at the end you can proudly say that you made it)
one another option is gasket paste which can look a bit messy but does the job pretty well
let us know how you get on


As far as a head gasket, it depends on which Oettinger head you have (early or late) and what block you're using. I am using a late head and an Audi 3A block, and I just used a metal layered ABA head gasket.


i have an oettinger original head gasket, pm me as i would probably sell


custom (for your application) MLS head gaskets in the pipeline....

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