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hello Oettinger riders

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1 hello Oettinger riders on Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:57 am


My name is Erwin Sieverink called SIEF and I am from the Netherlands
I have a bald Oettinger car bought with the intention to turn it into a complete car back out of it. I get this year a complete engine from a 1.6 Oettinger gti 16s. I now also have some spare engine parts. but would like to see that I still get a complete second engine make. Car is still completely bald and is still in welding. however, the various arms and rear all blasted and coated.
I have no date set for the car to get him ready but do slow it further.
I still hope to get different information if I need it.
Sincerely Sief
My language will not always be good but I do it through google translator

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