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Hi, I'm new, from Ireland. Rebuilding a 2000E/16

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Hi, my name is Glenn, i'm from Dublin in Ireland. I bought a 2000E/16 engine last year. The engine is completley stripped and in need of a full rebuild. Head number is 1802. Looks like it's been in pieces for a long time. The pistons are in poor condition. Is it possible to get replacement pistons? They are 81.96mm. Good to see a site dedicated to this engine. I'm sure it will come in handy for my rebuild.


Welcome to the site! There are at least two copies of pistons available that I am aware of, one from JE and one from Ross. The specs that JE has are based off my custom pistions which have a lowered chamber built into the piston for turbo application (also makes it a non-interference head).

The Ross pistons I believe are copies of the originals, as I have these in my green car.


Thanks for your reply. I'll send off some emails to Ross + JE, thanks for the info.


Hi Glenn

And welcome on the forum

You could try this option or just send one of your piston to
A piston manufacturer of your choice and ask him to replicate It

I am gonna have new bespoke pistons and rods for mine

Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions
And some pictures of your project in the correct topic would be awesome



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