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Hi - new to the forum....

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1 Hi - new to the forum.... on Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:46 pm


Hi all. Newbie to the world of the 16s - however mk1 nutter through and through.

I have officially begun my search for a mk1 gti (got sidetracked by an aircooled porsche for 3 years) but I am back with a vengance and have come across the 16s.... well the rest is history.

I grew up in SA and the mk1 has a real following down there, however Oettinger was a rarity there.

I guess the first question is how do i go about sourcing these cars? My philosophy is I buy a car to drive it, not to keep in under cover, so maybe a straight mk1 shell and I drop in a 16s engine (if possible to find) or go for the original full fat version.....

Nways, glad to be on the forum - I am based in London N1 by the way (and if anybody wants to p/x a 16s for a Porsche 964, let me know!!!)
Very Happy

2 Re: Hi - new to the forum.... on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:58 pm


Hi hysteric

And welcome

Well I live in central london to

Now it all depend which side you want your steering wheel
And what you are ready to invest or do

The 16 soupapes only came out in france as a complete car

Otherwise there was oettinger kit which was ordinary GTI or non GTI modified

The trouble now is to get hold of good complete oettinger head is pretty hard and expensive then you ll need some pistons and couple of specific parts

Then get hold of a good shell

Expensive and time taking but not impossible

Let us know how you get on


3 Re: Hi - new to the forum.... on Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:01 am


Thanks mate.

I have decided to go down the modified mk1 route as many have rightly have pointed out its almost impossible to find a 16s complete.

first on the list of things to do is find out what components were changed in the oettinger conversion from a standard gti.

Will keep the forum informed of progress - slow but sure!


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