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Oettinger parts for sale

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1 Oettinger parts for sale on Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:55 pm


Hi guys,

Like I said I will be selling some parts.
I have the following up for grabs (cash or trade for 1600cc pistons)

-2 oettinger sumps (a third damaged sump at a later date)

-2 oettinger 1.8 16S intake manifolds

-2 connecting pipes to the K-jet units

-2 throttle bodies

-2 K-jet units

-1 oil pump with extended shaft but no spacer and sounds like it is totally worn out (cheap)

other stuff maybe later, bit of a shame to sell the sumps but I'm going dry sump anyway and have been contemplating making copies of the dry sump set for a spare and more for sale but expect the price to be high (estimated 1500 to 2000 euro due to machining and materials)

No prices yet as I am only offering on this forum and am willing to make negotiate. If there is no interest here will be for sale on other sites at a later date.

The 1800cc bottom end parts from my topic may also be for sale after I get a hold of 1600cc pistons (then I have at least something for the time being)
Maybe later something for Matt????

Any other parts on request.

Contact via the forum or e-mail or telephone
+31 646731313



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