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inlet manifold for carbs possible reproduction

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Hi Reggy it is in standby for now
as I got other things to deal with and so far everybody wanted a replica of the original oettinger manifold


Yes, got two different types being fabricated at a machineshop. one for carbs/itb;s (45mm) and one for slidethrottle.

Just unfortuneate that it's december, holidays and all. should be ready in January.


Ebay Germany Intake Manifold. Shocked Wink


Ok Ok, here we go.

I won't be making the carb manifolds anymore as KWL-motorsport make a cast version. (without holes made for the watercooling it costs €899 or complete with watercooling system €1499)

I am still working on the slidethrottle manifold but is back in the machine shop after first fitting for install of the cooling pipes and other mechanisms.
Target price is about €2000


Chadil in france does an inlet manifold casted without the water passage
And it s much cheaper than that!!

When are you looking for the complition of your manifold jeremy?


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