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inlet manifold for carbs possible reproduction

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Hi guys

Well after having talking with few of you
And some other which are not on the forum

I decided to take the temperature and to talk to you about carbs or ITB s inlet manifold for our dear oettinger head

I got few ideas or plan regarding that I just want to see what you guys would prefer and how many of you will be a potential buyer

So please do drop a line and let me know

There is nothing done for now it is just a PROJECT which might
Never happen or only for me as I am after one of those but once again the more we are the cheaper it gets

Would you like :
* the exact copy of the carbs inlet manifold oettinger used to sell? (With this one you could fit carbs or ITB)
* inlet manifold with twin roller barrel set up or sliding throttle set up? (for injection only)
* to keep the water manifold hose fitting at the same position on the standard plenum they are in the middle on the oettinger carbs maifold its on the side?

I will post some pics of the oettinger manifold to show how it look like for the one who haven't seen it and it make it easier to think

I am counting on you let me know your views


romaingirardlamamy wrote:

* the exact copy of the carbs inlet manifold oettinger used to sell? (With this one you could fit carbs or ITB)

I think this is the easiest and most straight forward to duplicate. If we can get our hands on an original carb manifold for use as a master then most of the work is done for us.

romaingirardlamamy wrote:
* to keep the water manifold hose fitting at the same position on the standard plenum they are in the middle on the oettinger carbs maifold its on the side?

This sounds interesting. Investigation needs to be done with the standard configuration before we deviate from it.

Do you have access to a foundry to reproduce aluminum castings?



Hi Ruben

Glad to finally have one answer
Sad that the forum is a bit slow
I got in touch with someone with serious knowledge
Not a foundry but in touch with him he will deal with production side the parts will be tested before sale
But right now It is just a project nothing done yet

Reagarding the manifold if you look at the original oettinger carbs manifold you need some serious water pipe bend
This why I am thinking of something with the water pipe more like the original oettinger 1.6 plenum which will avoid the use of to many bend or even the exact same hoses


I believe that this is the manifold.

If you are gonna make these, please make them identical to the original. I understand what Romain says but it will be of more use (ie motorsport homologation FIA number 677) and worth more in the long run.

I'll have 2 please...


great to get more income

thank you jeremy

I wasnt aware that the specific inlet manifold was needed for the homologation but it make sense

I have seen lots of formulas running bespoke manifold but I guess they run with different regulations
and the engine is fitted dead straight as our engine are lean backward so the inlet angle is different to

is this manifold yours ???

the problem now if we ve got to make the identical replicas of the oettinger one we better find one and this is a proper nightmare
or ask someone who own one if he could land it to us to make the cast which would be understandably worrying


Hi guys,

No that manifold is not mine, found the pic on a geman site.

Do see an original on e-bay, 3 days to go, 4 bidders so far, 5,50 euro at the moment.

This is (I'm pretty damn sure) the one I saw before (why???)

I would bid on it myself but I just got back from Norway today (4000km in 4 days) to pick up the oettinger parts I spoke of before and have no money at the minute.
Maybe i could bid on it but is useless for all of us to do it and make the price higher.... so I will not.

(several parts will be for sale... more info tomorrow after I take a comprohensive inventory)

On another note I did find a home made manifold in france which i will be ordering and may also be usefull for fabrication but original would be favorable... at least more options...


Hi jeremy

yeah I did see it last time
but the manifold as been modify it shouldnt be a problem to remove the mods on a new cast
but last time the guy wanted stupide money for it
and to be fair this throttle roller barrel set up does nt look great
I ll try to bid or get in touch with him again to see how much he want for it last time I asked him he then replied he wanted 600 euros for the inlet manifold on his own when I told him I was happy to buy it this price he retract and decided to sell it with the throtle roller barrel only

yes please let us know what you would like to sell


8 Oe manifold on Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:09 am


Is anyone going to buy this manifold?


I am on it
And hope fully we could remake it


Well I stopped at 800 euro bidding
Sorry guys didn't feel it was worst anymore than that
We need to find something else

Jeremy are you sure that only this manifold is homologated?

That you can't run any other manifold then this one?


There were 16 bidders for this manifold and sold at 805 euros. Who are these people?....someon actually bid 666.66 euros Twisted Evil


I know I am gutted
The bidder did bid really high as every bid I put was getting overbid straight away I decided to stop at 800 as it would keep go up

Damn it


You were so close! Que sera, sera.


What a shame, that would've been very cool. But that's e-bay for ya... (sometimes you just want to kill it!!)

Anyway, this should be arriving at my door step in the next week or so. Found it on that Mikadoracing website that Billb directed me to.

The copper water pipe hookup looks a bit cheap but I'm gonna look for a sleeker solution.
Could use this as a base and make some along these lines.


I have seen those inlet manifold

So if you gonna use something like that I guess it s not
Obligatory to get the same inlet manifold as oettinger offered

The manifold I am planning on having done will be cast one piece manifold the only pipe you will connect on will be the rad top hose

I would love more people showing some interest tho or telling me what they think


No it is not an obligation, just has to be period. and I am pretty sure that back in the day the could also make their own manifold.

My point is making it the same as the original is that it would be worth more than just any old manifold.

The one above I picked up for 120 euro + 20 euro shipping as a pose to 800, 900, 1000 euro or more for the one on e-bay. What would a good copy be worth?

And yes more input would be nice.

What do you other guys think?


romaingirardlamamy wrote:
I would love more people showing some interest tho or telling me what they think

I think a one piece cast mani is the best way to go. You're on the right track!


I know the one on ebay got sold a crazy price
But it went for this price because their is no manifold readily
Available for it but if we can make something nice and available the price shouldn't be as much
People will always try to find or make cheaper but some other just prefer buy trouble free stuff
No company will want to make a manifold because their aren't many oettinger engine left
And I am looking in to this for me and maybe others as plenty of people asked me were we could find one of these
If we can gather enough interest we can see if it is worth the trouble
The thing with casted parts is the more their is the cheaper it get

But for that I need to see what people would like no point of making a crazy ass one piece manifold with roller barrel throttle that I m gonna like but no one else have interest in it


Hi this is Sven from germany.

Maybe I could help.
I own 2 engines (orig. 1600 and 2000E
A friend of mine has an original manifold with single throttels. I am able to make a " 3D scan and get this in a drawing. With this drawing it is possible for a cast company to produce the manif.


Hi sdriver

this would be brilliant
if you could let me know
and welcome on the forum



Hi thanks.
Great forum.
So if you want you can send me a PM


pm sent


Change my plans on the hobby. Neutral

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yes that s the original oettinger manifold
and it look like that s the one everybody around
would like to have remade
if you dont do anything with it for a month
I would love to borrow it to make a mould out of it
and to be able to make some new one Very Happy

25 Progression on Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:55 am


Is there any progression in making a new intakemanifold?

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